Marketers Digitally Reduce Print Waste

October 7, 2010

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Digital solutions are the leading means marketers are using to reduce waste in their print collateral supply chain, according to a new survey from the CMO Council.

Digitizing Reduces Print Waste
Results from “Mapping & Tracking:The Optimized Marketing Supply Chain” indicate that 22% of marketers are using print-on-demand technology to reduce waste related to printed collateral, while another 22% are transitioning materials to digital or online content.


Of marketers not addressing their print collateral waste concerns with a digital method, 11% are working closely with operations, procurement and finance to eliminate redundancy and over-purchasing. Two other non-digital options are being used by a double-digit percentage of respondents: scaling back on-hand inventory and eliminating print/physical materials (10% each).

Eliminating Waste Not Seen as Top Priority
Half of respondents say eliminating print collateral waste and obsolescence is not a priority for their organization. Another 27% say a key challenge to eliminating print collateral waste and obsolescence lack of internal auditing technology/resources, and 26% say no ability to see real-time waste data (more than one response to this question was permitted).


Other common challenges include siloed areas of responsibility (26%), lack of internal staff (21%), and no senior mandate (17%).

Only 1/3 of Marketers Track Print Collateral Waste
When asked if they track print collateral waste, only 27% of marketers answered yes. However, in one promising sign, among those who track print collateral waste, a combined 60% encounter 20% or less waste in their print collateral supply chain, and a combined 88% encounter 30% or less.


Print Still Leading Marketing Material
Print collateral is by far the most common form of marketing material produced, despite the rise of multimedia options, according to other CMO Council survey results. Survey data indicates that a solid majority of marketing executives are still producing the same types of material they have been for years. Print collateral leads with 84% of respondents producing it, followed by presentations (72%) and folders and handouts (66%).

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