Here’s How PR Pros Are Using Social Listening

February 18, 2020

Talkwalker How PR Pros Use Social Listening Feb2020PR professionals have a wider variety of responsibilities these days, going beyond just pitching to journalists. In a survey of 3,700 global marcomm professionals, a new report [download page] from Talkwalker finds that the majority of respondents consider content marketing (77%), influencer marketing (67%) and link building for SEO (56%) to be within their purview.

More than three-quarters (77%) of marcomm professionals also say that social media management and campaigns are a PR offering. However, although a majority of respondents feel that social media is part of their required skill-set, fewer than half (48%) are using social listening and analytics tools.

That said, how are these PR professionals using social listening? Nearly two-thirds (64%) say they are using it for PR measurements, including event campaign or media relation performance. Others are using it for monthly reporting (51%), competitive analysis and benchmarking (47%) and protecting brand reputation (42%). Fewer say they are using social listening for crisis management (31%), pitching new business (24%) and executive visibility (20%). And, despite it being considered one of the most effective PR techniques, only 15% of PR professionals are using social listening for newsjacking.

Social media analytics does play a valuable role in PR reporting, with two-thirds (67%) of respondents saying they include this data in their reports. At the same time, separate study findings indicate that for 80% of respondents, social media analytics is not a driver of PR corporate positioning or stakeholder analysis.

Recent research has found that one of the biggest challenges for communications professionals is the inability to measure the impact of their efforts effectively. However, PR professionals are relying on a number of data sets in their reports, including demographics (52%), media coverage (52%), sentiment analysis (41%), image and video analytics (40%) and influencer analytics (38%), to name a few.

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Findings are based on a survey of 3,700 respondents from 82 countries, fielded in Q4 2019.

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