Strategic Content Marketers Find Prioritizing Audience Segmentation A Challenge

May 14, 2019

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When thinking about audiences within their markets, 7 in 10 (71%) strategic content marketers struggle to prioritize their efforts towards one audience over another, per the latest research [PDF] from the Content Management Institute (CMI), sponsored by Vennli.

While marketers are well aware of the benefits of personalization, tailoring content doesn’t come without its challenges. This is reflected in CMI’s research, with 6 in 10 (61%) respondents stating that they struggle to understand what is most important to their audience.

Strategic content marketers are also reporting some troubles with aspects of the customer journey. It’s true that marketers are taking the time to research the customer journey, yet half of the strategic content marketers surveyed said knowing the goal of the audience at a particular stage of the customer’s journey is a challenge. Similarly, 49% reported difficulty knowing the steps of the customer’s journey. No wonder that many B2B marketers are also having trouble measuring and tracking activity between specific buyer stages.

Confidence in Content Topics High

Despite these challenges, respondents feel confident in many aspects of planning new content. A full 90% of respondents report that their organization is confident in identifying key themes or messages to emphasize in their content, with one-fifth (21%) reporting that they are extremely confident.

An even greater percentage (93%) of respondents are confident in selecting the right overall topic of their content. However, while marketers feel that they are able to select relevant topics, PathFactory and Heinz Marketing research found that two of the biggest issues B2B buyers have with marketing content are that it isn’t relevant to their pain points or challenges or to their company. So it’s possible that content marketers are proving over-confident in this regard.

For more insights, download the report here.

About the Data: CMI surveyed 250 respondents from their subscriber database. The majority (60%) of respondents were from B2B organizations with the remainder being from B2B/B2C (23%), B2C (3%) and nonprofit (14%) organizations from 5 regions

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