Content Creation Services

Struggling to find the time to produce quality content…
that passes the trust test?

  • Producing quality content is the #1 challenge faced by content marketers. (Source: Regalix)
  • Vendor content is the least trusted information source by B2B buyers. (Source: TrustRadius)

We’ll produce top-notch data-driven content for you – and you’ll also benefit by being allied with a trusted source of industry research.

Research tells us that time is the biggest challenge to producing the quality content you need to stand out in the marketplace. In fact, it can take 2-3 weeks to create a white paper or e-book! And that’s not considering that your efforts might fall flat by using ineffective formats.

Consider that:

  • Research and original data is considered the most effective type of content. (Source: Clutch)
  • Three-quarters of B2B buyers strongly agree that the use of more data and research would improve the quality of the content created and provided by vendors. (Source: Demand Gen Report)
  • Data visualizations are considered by executives to be the #1 format for drawing their attention to a piece of content. (Source: Quartz)

As one of the leading curators of marketing research, trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, we are uniquely positioned to create sponsored data-driven reports in a cost-effective manner.

    Contact us today to discuss a sponsored report that meets your needs!

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