Advertising, Content Expertise Top List of Digital Marketing Skills in Demand

July 10, 2017

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Companies were more likely to hire digital marketers than creative services professionals last year, and that trend looks set to repeat itself this year, research from McKinley Marketing Partners [download page] has found. Within the digital marketing segment, digital advertising, content creation & curation, and content strategy appear to be the most in-demand skills.

Those 3 areas of expertise topped the list of digital marketing hires last year, and look to do again this year. Among those hiring, almost half are searching for digital advertising expertise (46%), with many also looking for content creation & curation (38%) and content strategy (34%) skills.

Those results aren’t too surprising: organizations are keeping the focus on content this year, while research shows that mobile advertising in particular is a pain point in terms of advertisers’ capabilities.

Traditional Marketing to See Cutbacks

Interestingly, while the survey shows some growth in creative services hiring demand, there’s also a growing tendency to outsource these services.

One area that appears to be in decline is traditional marketing, with this one of the functions experiencing cutbacks. Traditional advertising and direct mail are likely to see the biggest crunches.

That might be due to an oversupply of talent in those areas. In comparing demand for marketing expertise against those at least occasionally looking for job opportunities, the study found that traditional marketing was one of the only areas in which active supply outweighed demand.

The area in which demand most exceeded supply? Digital marketing…

No wonder CMOs are having difficulty hiring in digital marketing.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 314 marketing professionals who are working in a marketing role (246) or have experience in one (68). Employed respondents work at various roles across a mix of company types and sizes. Questions about hiring practices were only asked of those who have influence over hiring decisions.

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