These Are Marketers’ Top Organizational Priorities Right Now

April 13, 2021

CMOCouncilChiefOutsiders Functional Leaders Areas for Upgrades Apr2021This year will see global CMOs prioritizing the expansion of marketing automation and data analytics, as well as applying strategic marketing depth across all functions. This is per a report [download page] from CMO Council and Chief Outsiders.

Some 61% of the 150 CMO Council members surveyed say that one of their top organizational development and diversity priorities this year is to expand marketing automation and data analytics programs and resources. Some 58% also listed among their top 5 priorities adding strategic marketing depth and capability across all functions, while about half (49%) want to seek ways to improve digital marketing adoption and use it in all channels.

A majority of these same respondents gave the caliber of their global marketing team a favorable rating. Nonetheless, about one-third (32%) have made upgrading the overall caliber and competency of their team a top priority this year.

Indeed, while skills like data analysis and marketing automation are widely sought after and correspond with marketing leaders’ prioritizing the expansion of these areas, several respondents say they plan to recruit or upgrade functional leaders/areas in go-to-market execution and operations (45%), content and demand generation (38%) and digital interactive marketing (33%). Others intend to upgrade or recruit functional leaders for strategic planning, branding and positioning (25%) and sales intelligence and CRM (24%).

Despite having plans to recruit functional leaders in these areas, it might not be easy. Fewer than one-fifth of respondents say that it is relatively easy (12%) or not a problem (4%) to find experienced, proficient and knowledgeable function leaders and direct reports. About 2 in 5 claim it is always challenging (25%) or very difficult and time-consuming (18%), while another 40% find it to be moderately difficult.

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Findings are based on a Q1 2021 online global survey of 150 CMO Council members.

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