Media Touted As A Leading Factor in Marketing and Advertising Success

January 14, 2020

AdPerceptions Greatest Factor Marketing Advertising Success Jan2020Marketers and agencies involved in media brand selection have reported another good year, with the majority saying the marketing or advertising they have done for their company or their clients this past year was somewhat (67%) or very (25%) successful. But what factors attributed to this success? Here’s what a survey by Advertiser Perceptions of more than 300 marketers and agency decision-makers has revealed.

The survey asked respondents to rank the following factors in terms of their contribution to marketing and advertising success in 2019: media; creative; technology; and staff.

As it turns out, media had the greatest perceived impact on the success of respondents’ marketing in 2019, with 43% of those respondents who say that their marketing/advertising was “somewhat successful” and 35% of those who say it was “very successful” ranking media as the #1 factor for this success.

Behind media, about one-quarter of respondents said that the primary contributor to their success last year was technology, with this view slightly more prevalent among those who reported a “very successful” (26%) than a “somewhat successful” year.

Media’s role in successful marketing compared to that of technology could explain why CMOs are investing more of their resource budgets in media while martech’s portion has decreased.

Interestingly, creative was ranked the #1 factor for almost one-quarter (24%) of respondents who say their marketing was “very successful” in 2019, compared to only 15% of those who say it was “somewhat successful”. The importance of creative is highlighted specifically within the CPG industry where it is considered the top factor in driving sales lift from advertising campaigns.

Some 46% of respondents to this latest survey say their advertising/marketing budget will increase this year over 2019, with more than three-quarters (77%) saying this increased budget will be spent on paid media.

Aside from paid media, slightly fewer than half will devote some of their extra budget to data (45%) and to ad/marketing technologies (44%). This is down from the 60% of respondents who said they would spend their increased budgets on technologies in 2019.

Additionally, marketers are arriving at the realization that the cost and need for analytics may encroach on their media budgets. More than two-fifths (43%) say that the rising cost and need for analytics will compete with their media-specific budgets, with the percentage saying this isn’t the case dropping from 43% last year to 33% this year.

About the Data: Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 301 marketing and agency decision-makers from their database and third-party databases (as needed).

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