These Brands Are Considered the Strongest by Mothers

May 14, 2018

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Netflix tops all others in brand health, according to women in the US with kids under the age of 18. That’s according to the latest YouGov brand rankings, which revealed the top 10 brands among mothers, based on a composite score covering 6 brand health metrics: Impression; Value; Quality; Reputation; Satisfaction; and Willingness to Recommend.

Netflix’s Brand Health score of 58.5 lands it highest on a scale that ranges from -100 to 100. The video platform grew from 3rd place last year to 1st place in this year’s rankings, supplanting Amazon (56.6), which fell from 1st to 3rd.

In second place, just edging Amazon in mothers’ brand health score, is Band-Aid (56.7). Band-Aid has previously been found by YouGov to be the brand with the best impression among women in the US. (Amazon was second in that ranking, while Netflix was 9th.)

Other notable brands in the top 10 include:

  • Dove (#5 for household/personal care and #10 for skin care/cosmetics);
  • Google (#8); and
  • Chocolate brands Hershey’s (#7) and M&M’s (#9).

Those chocolate brands also featured prominently in the earlier ranking of brands with the best impression among all women.

Meanwhile, YouGov’s release also lists the brands that have gained the most in mothers’ brand health scores over the past year.

Uber leads the way as the most-improved, with its Brand Health score jumping from 4.9 in 2017 to 14.4 this year, an increase of 9.4 points.

A couple of Smart Home brands also crack the most-improved list. Amazon Alexa was the 3rd-most improved among mothers, rising 8 points to a score of 12.3 to 20.3. Google Home, for its part, was the 10th-most improved, improving 6.6 points to an overall brand health score of 18.1.

The full rankings can be viewed here.

About the Data: YouGov describes its methodology as follows:

“YouGov BrandIndex filtered its entire 1,600+ brand universe for women with children under 18 years old. The brands were then ranked using its flagship Index score, which measures brand health by averaging sub-scores on Quality, Satisfaction, Impression, Value, Reputation and willingness to Recommend.

The Index score can range from 100 to -100 with a zero score equaling a neutral position.”

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