Tech Brands Dominate List of America’s Most Valuable

November 21, 2017

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It’s a tech party at the top of the list of America’s most valuable brands [pdf], as calculated by BrandZ and WPP. Four of the 5 most valuable brands in the US is a tech brand, led by Google (brand value exceeding $286 billion) and Apple (almost $279 billion). Google and Apple also top Interbrand’s list of the world’s most valuable brands, though in reverse order.

Rounding out the top 5 most valuable brands in the US are:

  • Amazon: $165.3 billion;
  • Microsoft: $155.4 billion; and
  • Facebook: $151.2 billion.

IBM also makes the top 10, coming in the 9th spot, leaving 6 tech brands in the top 10.

The total brand value of the top 100 most valuable US brands is $3.16 trillion, per the report. Tech easily leads all other verticals in top 100 brand value: tech brands account for fully 37.9% of the total value of the top 100. Tech’s closest competitors? Telecom providers and retail brands, each of which barely exceed 10% of the top 100’s value.

Meanwhile, the 10 leading brands themselves command half of the top 100’s brand value, at roughly $1.6 trillion.

And here’s an even more impressive stat: the top 5 brands (all tech brands) alone account for roughly one-third of the top 100’s total brand value.

Other highlights from the report follow.

  • Amazon is the fastest-growing brand since 2006, with a 2662% increase in brand value, followed by Domino’s (1799%), Apple (1646%) and AT&T (1620%).
  • The report points out that 54 of the top 100 in the US were included in BrandZ’s top 100 most valuable global brands, signaling the continued strength of American brands. Survey results also show that opinions about America’s brands remain high around the world in spite of some dim views of the American government.
  • Stripping all other factors away other than the contribution of the brand, and Pampers emerges atop the list, followed by Estée Lauder and Coca-Cola. Pampers is also the “most loved” brand.
  • The strongest brand is FedEx, per the report, which also offers the best brand experience, ahead of Amazon.
  • Finally, Tesla is considered the most innovative brand, beating out Disney, Apple, FedEx and Amazon.

The full report – which contains an in-depth look at the top 100 along with numerous takeaways and trends – can be found here [pdf].

About the Data: BrandZ arrives at its brand value by multiplying the brand’s financial value (the amount of corporate earnings attributed to a particular brand) by brand contribution (a percentage of financial value). Brand value is defined as “the dollar amount a brand contributes to the overall value of a corporation.”

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