Here Are the Most Visible US Companies That Rank Highest in Reputation

August 13, 2020

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AxiosHarrisPoll Visible Companies with Best Reputations Aug2020Consumer loyalty is often dependent on how a company responds in a crisis. As such, the ways in which companies in the US have responded to COVID-19, along with the renewed calls for social justice, have impacted their reputation. With this in mind, the latest Corporate Reputation Rankings report [pdf] from AXIOS and The Harris Poll takes a look at which of the most visible US companies score best on reputation factors.

Determining the most reputable US corporation involved a 2-part process. The first took place in late 2019 to determine the companies that were top-of-mind for the American public, while the second determined a Reputation Quotient prior to and during the pandemic based on seven areas: trust; vision; growth; products and services; culture; ethics; and, citizenship.

Clorox leapt to the top of the list of most reputable corporations this year. With its Reputation Quotient of 82.8, Clorox is a newcomer to the list. The corporation is considered one of the best companies as far as trust, vision for the future, product and services, ethics and citizenship. It’s also worth noting that it has advertised heavily during the downturn, which may have impacted its perception.

Hershey ranked #2 (81.5), followed closely by Amazon (81.4). For its part, Amazon was ranked #1 among companies consumers would miss if they went away, and (editor’s note: somewhat surprisingly) #5 for companies that addressed COVID-19. This comes only a year after Amazon did not fare well when it came to how consumers perceived the company’s ethics.

Publix (#4) and General Mills (#5) round out the top 5 for corporate reputations this year, each with a Reputation Quotient of 81.2.

Other Highlights

  • PepsiCo saw the most improvement, jumping 36 places to rank #14, while Boeing dropped 65 spots from 2019 to rest at #84;
  • Despite the quick growth and popularity of Disney+ which debuted in late 2019, the Walt Disney company tumbled 18 places, from #5 in 2019 to #23 this year;
  • Clorox, Kroger and Publix not only are considered the top performers when it comes to addressing the challenges of COVID-19 but they also ranked at the top of the list of corporations that have “taken meaningful actions in support of racial equality”;
  • Pharma and Healthcare are the sectors making the largest gains in 2020, with Retail, Tech and Media seeing the biggest declines; and
  • Along with Clorox, Zoom Video and DoorDash were the other newcomers to the list this year, with much of the credit going to their responses to the pandemic.

To read more, the report can be found here.

About the Data: Results are based on a June-July survey of 34,026 Americans who rated the “most visible companies” on reputation. The “most visible companies” were first determined via surveys conducted in Q4 2019 to determine the companies that were most top-of-mind for reputation (both good and bad).

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