Here Are the Top Brands US Customers Would Recommend

March 18, 2020

YouGov Top Brands Customers Would Recommend Mar2020Word-of-mouth remains one of the greatest influencers when it comes to where to shop and what to purchase, with almost half (47%) of consumers saying that it is a very important factor when it comes to purchasing a product. So, which brands are most likely to be recommended by their customers? YouGov dug into its data covering 1,780 brands to find out.

When YouGov asked customers of these brands (minimum of 100 customers per brand) if they would recommend the brand to a friend or colleague, the Texas supermarket chain HEB emerged with the #1 ranking, with 91.2% of its customers saying they would recommend the brand to others. Alka-Seltzer follows in the #2 position with 87.5% of customers likely to recommend, ahead of Mayo Clinic (86.9%), which separately topped YouGov’s customer advocacy list in 2019.

The restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse (86.3%) is #4, while Aldi (86.2%) ranked #5 and Trader Joe’s (86.3%) #6, joining HEB as three grocery stores cracked the top 10.

Rounding out the top 10 brands likely to be recommended by their customers are Chico’s (#7, 85.8%), USAA (#8, 85.5%), Samuel Adams (#9, 85.5%) and Lush (#10, 85.3%).

Category Leaders

Below are some quick highlights (limited to the US) of brands topping various (but not all) category lists (YouGov notes that while scores were rounded to a single decimal place, they “used additional precision to assign ranks”):

  • Some 82.5% of Southwest and Singapore Airlines customers would recommend these airlines, however, Southwest takes the #1 spot in the Airline category;
  • In the Apparel & Footwear category, Adidas is #1 (85.1%) followed by Duluth Trading Co. (85.1%);
  • Netflix, which was named the top brand for “buzz” in 2019, is ranked at the top for Cable & Satellite category;
  • The #1 brand in the Consumer Electronics category is Nintendo (84.6%) with Sony (80.1%) coming in at #2;
  • WhatsApp (72.9%) ranks #1 in the Internet Social Media category, indicating that despite its low adoption among US adults it is well-liked by its users;
  • Search giant Google (62.8%) takes the top position in Internet Search, followed by (58.4%) and (56.2%);
  • In the Streaming Video & Music category, Spotify (77.8%) takes the top spot;
  • Among TV Networks, the History Channel (76.1%) is the brand recommended by its viewers;
  • The women’s apparel chain, Chico’s, is #1 for Retail Clothing;
  • Trivago (81.8%) sits on top of the Travel Agents category, while Royal Caribbean Cruises (79.6%) holds the same position for Travel Cruises; and
  • HEB (91.2%) takes the top position for Grocery Stores, while Amazon-owned Whole Foods (74.5%) is at #9.

You can see how brands ranked in other categories here.

About the Data: Per YouGov, “The 2020 Recommend Rankings were created by calculating the percentage of customers of each brand who say that they would recommend that brand to a friend or colleague. The ranking data was collected between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. All brands had to have a minimum sample of 100 and had to have been tracked for at least 12 months to be included in the ranking. All Recommend scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place.”

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