Here are the Highest-Ranking Brands Among American Adults

September 4, 2019

Tech brands like Google, Amazon and Apple have made a strong showing on other ‘top brands’ lists this year, including most loved brands, most ‘intimate’ brand, and most loved on social media. However, when it comes to YouGov’s BrandIndex, which presents a list of the brands that top the charts as rated by adults in the US, these brands are noticeably absent.

YouGov’s BrandIndex score measures brand health by taking the average of consumers’ perceptions of quality, value, satisfaction, and reputation as well as impressions of the brand and the propensity to recommend it. A total of 1,740 brands were tracked for at least 6 months during a year-long period from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

Once again this year, Band-Aid is the top-scoring brand with a score of 54.6 out of a maximum of 100 points. Following Band-Aid is Dawn, with a value of 49.2. Earlier this year, YouGov revealed that Dawn was the brand with the best impression among adult women in the US, a position previously held by Band-Aid.

Notable brands that have made their way onto YouGov’s latest BrandIndex ranking include:

  • Quaker (#8);
  • Samsung (#9); and
  • Pillsbury (#10).

Which Brands Are Improving the Most?

YouGov’s data release also includes a look at the brands that have enjoyed the biggest improvement in Index score from the previous year-long period of analysis.

The airline United leads that list, with an increase in score to 10.4 this year from 2.5 in 2018.

Equifax was the next-largest improver. This is despite the fact that its 6.1-point increase only just managed to get the brand out of a negative index (scores range from -100 to +100), lifting the brand to 0.1.

Third on the list is Ring (the video doorbell) with an Index score of 11.6, representing an increase of 5.6 points.

Others to see significant improvements included Zantac (+3.6 to 14.8), Airborne (+3.6 to 11.9), Tums (+3.3 to 31.4) and Nature Made (+3.2 to 20.9).

Industry Leaders in Brand Health

Finally, YouGov provided the top-ranking and most improved brands across a number of industries. Here’s a brief selection:

  • Airlines: Top brand – Southwest (31.0); Most improved – United;
  • Apparel & Footwear: Top brand – Levi (36.8); Most improved – Wrangler;
  • Banks: Top brand – Chase (15.3); Most improved – Capital One Bank (+3.7 to 0.2);
  • Cable & Satellite: Top brand – Netflix (46.2); Most improved – Hulu;
  • Consumer Electronics: Top brand – Samsung (41.9); Most improved – Ring (Video Doorbell);
  • Hotels: Top brand – Marriott (34.4); Most improved – Airbnb;
  • Internet Search: Top brand – Google (40.4); Most improved – N/A;
  • Internet Social Media: Top brand – YouTube (41.8); Most improved – N/A;
  • Retail Clothing: Top brand – Old Navy (30.0); Most improved – Wilsons Leather; and
  • TV Networks: Top brand – History Channel (38.1); Most improved – Paramount Network.

The full list of brands and top improvers can be found here.

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