These Are the Most Loved Brands on Social Media

August 2, 2019

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An array of industries are represented in this year’s most-loved brands on social media, per a report [download page] from NetBase. In an attempt to determine which brand garnered the most love on social media and determine a social ranking, NetBase looked at expressions of love for brands via mentions, impressions and sentiment.

In order to measure sentiment that expressed love towards a brand, NetBase used a selection of keywords associated with love in conjunction with artificial intelligence to filter out irrelevant messages. As the report’s authors described: “We only included the mentions where love is an insight for the brand, not just a keyword. That means we know that ‘Man Toyota TRD trucks are beautiful’, shows love for Toyota, but ‘a beautiful bird just landed on my Toyota’ does not.” The ranking was then calculated by taking into account mentions, posts, potential impressions, sentiment and total engagement.

So, which brand topped the list this year?

Once again this year, Instagram was given the most love on social. Unlike last year, when several social media brands topped the list, Instagram was the sole social brand to be part of the top 10 this year. In fact, Facebook and YouTube, which held the #2 and #3 positions last year, have dropped to #80 and #84, respectively.

The lack of love for Facebook has been reflected in other research which found that Facebook’s popularity among younger people (ages 12-34 years old) has made a rather swift decline in the past two years, while Instagram’s is on the rise. Facebook also doesn’t fare well on the reputability scale. Indeed, the Reputation Institute ranked the social media giant as #389 out of 390 spots.

This year, Entertainment is the industry with the most entries in the top 10 most-loved list, with Spotify (#4), Disney (#6) and Sony (#8) appearing among the top spots. However, what may come as a surprise considering the historically low customer satisfaction rating of the telecommunications industry is that Vodafone (#9) edged into the top 10.

Other brands in NetBase’s top 10 are:

  • Google, up 3 to #2
  • Apple, up 3 to #3
  • Amazon, down 1 to #5
  • Disney, up 1 to #6
  • Lego, new at #7
  • McDonald’s, new at #10

Netflix made a noticeable drop out of the top 10, falling from #10 last year to #15 in 2019. Despite being named one of the top 3 most loved brands in the US earlier this year by Morning Consult (which used a different set of metrics to determine the ranking), as well as being the programming brand that users believe they cannot do without, Netflix did not feel as much love on social as in the past. This finding also comes at a time when there is discussion around making Netflix ad-supported as its user growth has fallen below forecasts.

Overall, social media brands accounted for just 3 of the top 100 most-loved brands on social media, but nonetheless accounted for the second-largest share of voice (26%) among the top 100. Technology brands, which were represented by 6 brands in the top 100, on the other hand, accounted for 57% share of voice.

By contrast, while the Food & Beverage industry is represented by 14 brands in the top 100, they combined for just 2% share of voice.

The full report is available for download here.

About the Data:NetBase’s social rank score “takes into account brands received the most love mentions, as well as impressions, highest sentiment, and engagements to calculate an overall social rank.” The analysis is based on 605 million English language posts of earned mentions from May 2018 to May 2019.

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