How Many Purchases Define Brand Loyalty For Consumers?

September 27, 2018

Most American adults say that once they find a product they like they tend to buy it repeatedly rather than shop around and try other products. But how many purchases does it take for someone to consider themselves loyal to a brand? Survey results from Yotpo indicate that a simple repeat purchase isn’t enough.

Instead, for the majority (55%) of respondents, it takes at least 4 purchases before they consider themselves brand-loyal. That includes a plurality (37%) of adults who feel that it takes them at least 5 purchases before they feel that they’re loyal to a brand.

There are certain factors that would help brands to keep bringing shoppers back. For most people, fair pricing (64.5%), free shipping (61.3%) and online reviews (57.3%) are purchase motivators. And many expect brands to reward them for their loyalty, with more frequent discounts (71%) and free shipping (58%) especially important.

Nonetheless, the key lever is again product quality. Asked to choose which of several factors makes them loyal to a brand, fully 55% of respondents chose the product itself, more than twice the share (26%) who said that great deals drive their loyalty.

As seen in various pieces of research (such as this one), product quality not only motivates brand loyalty, but also can work in the other direction: poor product quality is the top reason why someone would stop being loyal to a brand. Yotpo points out, though, that customer service is also a key factor, with poor service being the second-leading reason why customers would abandon their loyalty.

Getting it right certainly counts, as it also has a knock-on effect beyond just repeat purchases. Six in 10 consumers report that they will tell friends and family about a company that they’re loyal to, and 37% will leave feedback or an online review, an important point given that reviews are a component of their purchase decisions in the first place.

The good news? Nine in 10 respondents said that they’re equally or more loyal to brands than they were a year ago.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 2,000 U.S. adult (18+) consumers, conducted by AYTM for Yotpo in July 2018.

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