The 10 Brands That Have the Best Perception Among LGBT Consumers

June 8, 2017

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Amazon continues to sweep up the accolades: the brand is now the best-perceived among LGBT consumers, according to recent data from YouGov BrandIndex, unseating former champion Tesla, which fell to 35th place this year. PBS (25.5) comes in second, followed closely by Netflix (25.2) and YouTube (23.0), with Dawn (19.8) closing out the top 5.

The study, which measures consumer perceptions of brands, asks respondents whether they have heard anything about the brand during the prior 2 weeks and subtracts the percentage who answer they have heard something negative from the proportion who have heard something positive.

Brands that cracked the top-10 among the general population but did not show up on the LGBT top-10 list include M&M’s, Walgreen’s, Lowe’s, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Home Depot. Conversely, PBS, Target, Aleve, Trader Joe’s and Toyota are favored more by the LGBT community than by the general population.

Most Improved Brands Among LGBT Consumers

While Volkswagen still has an overall negative impression, its score improved by an impressive 9.2 points over last year, and it leads the pack for most improved brand in terms of buzz. Lyft is the next most improved with a 6-point gain, placing it securely on the positive side with score of 6.3, followed by Subway, which jumped 5.6 points for a total score of 14.6.

McDonald’s 5.5-point boost took it out of the negative (-1.6) to a new score of 3.9.

Dawn is the only brand on both the most-improved and top 10 list, with its 5-point improvement adding up to a total score of 19.8, moving it up in the ranks from #23 to #5.

LGBT Ad Awareness

Many of the brands with the highest ad awareness among LGBT consumers were, unsurprisingly, companies with large advertising budgets. GEICO tops the ad awareness list, with almost half (47.7%) of LGBT consumers having seen one of its ads in the 2 weeks prior to being surveyed.

Verizon Wireless (45.8%), AT&T (42.6%), T-Mobile (41.4%), McDonald’s (40.9%) round out the top 5, each with more than 40% ad awareness. The only three brands that did not also show up on the top-10 list in ad awareness among the general population and were unique to LGBT consumers were Sprint, DirecTV and Target.

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