Friday Research Wrap, 10/23/15

October 23, 2015

Trendera-Brand-Loyalty-Factors-Oct2015Quality and price are the attributes most likely to make consumers loyal to brands, according to results from a Trendera survey of US consumers aged 13-50. Great customer service is also a factor for a majority of respondents – particularly for Gen Xers – while loyalty programs and rewards engender loyalty from slightly more than one-third of respondents. These are interesting results in light of a recent survey of CMOs, in which they believed that price was a lesser priority among their customers than excellent service.

Meanwhile, among the other factors measured in the Trendera study, strong company ethics were found to be important across age groups, though creative marketing appears to be more important to the youngest respondents, as are brands’ responses to customers on social media.

The following is a brief list of other intriguing data points culled from recently-released research.

  • Netflix’s paid streaming memberships in the US grew by about 1 million quarter-over-quarter in Q3, according to the company’s latest earnings releases. The 880,000 net additions (in total memberships) was lower than what had been expected. Paid members on an international basis continued to show growth, up by 2.3 million to almost 24 million. That marked the fourth consecutive quarter in which Netflix added at least 2 million paid streaming subscribers internationally.
  • Turning to social media, a report from Socialbakers finds that ads comprise just 3% of the typical desktop news feed. Meanwhile, posts from Pages – such as Pages of companies, celebrities, public figures and organizations – comprise around 24-29% of news feed content.
  • Advertisers on Facebook are seeing more engagement, says Adobe in its Q3 Digital Advertising Report, which demonstrates that globally, click-through rates for Facebook ads increased by 35% year-over-year. At the same time, cost-per-click saw down slightly, by 2% year-over-year. In other Facebook ad metrics, impressions dropped by 13% year-over-year, while clicks were up by 7%, which the authors see as signs indicating that “Facebook’s desire for higher quality impressions is paying off.” On a related note: social ad effectiveness is highest for Facebook, finds eMarketer in a poll of ad executives.
  • Turning to email, a study to be released next week from Retention Science indicates that open rates for emails sent by retailers tend to be higher for those with shorter subject lines, with the highest averages for messages with 6-10 words (21%) and 0-5 words (16%). Interestingly, a recent study from Return Path indicates that while there are some variances in read rate by subject line length, there is no correlation between these metrics. Continuing with the Retention Science findings – which are based on an analysis of 1 billion email sent by a cross-section of retailers over the past 2 years – the data suggests that click-through rates are highest in October and November, while December sports the second-highest email conversion rate and the lowest unsubscribe rate. Good news for retailers surrounding the holiday period, it seems…
  • Finally, results from a survey of email marketers by Epsilon and The Relevancy Group reveal that only a minority (38%) believe that their marketing department shares common goals, and fewer than one-quarter practice measurement and attribution across channels. Somewhat unsurprisingly, marketers most commonly deliver the most basic types of campaigns, with only about one-quarter employing the most sophisticated campaign (“real-time data integrated omnichannel”), which uses real-time data with social, mobile, display and email. The study can be accessed here.

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