Half of Consumers Have Talked to Friends and Family About Companies’ CSR Efforts

June 3, 2015

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ConeEbiquity-Consumer-Engagement-CSR-Efforts-June2015Source: Cone Communications / Ebiquity [pdf]

    Notes: Some 47% of consumers surveyed across 9 countries say that they’ve told friends or family about a company’s corporate social responsibility efforts at some point in the past year. That’s according to a recent survey from Cone Communications and Ebiquity, which also found more than one-third (37%) having researched a company’s business practices or support of social and environmental issues.

    In other results, a majority (53%) claimed to have boycotted a company’s products/services in the past 12 months upon learning that the company behaved irresponsibly, while had bough a product with a social and/or environmental benefit. Those reported actions are relatively steady – albeit down slightly – from the same survey conducted two years ago.

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        About the Data: Cone Communications partnered with Ebiquity to field its third comprehensive survey of global attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around CSR. They conducted an online survey of 9,709 consumers in nine of the largest countries in the world by GDP, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, India and Japan. They broadly described “corporate social responsibility” to respondents in each country as “companies changing their business practices and giving their support to help address the social and environmental issues the world faces today.”

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