The 10 Most – and Least – Respected Corporate Brands

July 16, 2014

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    Source: CoreBrand [pdf]

      Notes: Coca-Cola tops CoreBrands’ list of most respected brands, breaking last year’s tie with PepsiCo, which came in second this year. IBM, Apple and GE each broke into the top 10 this year, with IBM benefiting from greater familiarity (the rankings are based on familiarity and favorability scores). Meanwhile, Delta Airlines is this year’s least-respected brand, suffering from low favorability scores despite high familiarity. This year, Philip Morris fell off the least-respected list, no longer qualifying due to a drop in familiarity.

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          About the Data: CoreBrand describes its methodology in part as follows:

          “We used the Familiarity and Favorability scores from our 23-year quantitative study, the Corporate Branding Index®, to uncover the sentiment behind the most well known brands. We track approximately 1,000 brands. To be considered, there are minimum criteria that must be met. Brands must be:

          • A corporate brand (not a product or divisional brand)
          • Publicly traded for 5+ years
          • Tracked by CoreBrand for 5+ years

          Over 500 companies meet the above criteria and were eligible to be considered for our most respected analysis. First, we sorted by Familiarity. Companies needed to achieve a threshold of understanding ”“ ensuring that we were ranking only the most well known brands. Many companies we track are well known, but not universally liked and at the same time, some of the most favored companies focus on niche or regional markets and thus have low awareness in spite of positive perceptions. These groups did not meet our standards for brand respect.

          Focusing on the 100 brands in our database with the highest Familiarity, we then sorted by Favorability score. Those with the most Familiarity and with the highest Favorability are defined as most respected. Those with the lowest Favorability are considered the least respected brands.”

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