AOL Obviates Programmatic Advantage, Makes it a Meatspace Endeavor | Users to Search Engines: What Have you Done For Me Lately? | Maponics: Today’s Geotargeting Is Kiddy Stuff

July 25, 2013

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  • If programmatic buying is supposed to automate the purchase of avails based on price, other criteria and, well, price, then AOL Networks’ announcement that they are going to conduct an “upfront” process in the fall for programmatic may reveal that programmatic really less about vigilant computers exploiting matchmaking opportunities, and more about, well, price.
  • LinkedIn caves to the “native ad” trend, conflating content with ads.


  • ForeSee longitudinal research shows a general souring on the major search engines, with users reporting an average satisfaction score about five percent lower than last year.


  • Maponics CEO Darrin Clement makes some subtle points about how geotargeting is generally done in a ham-handed way today, and could be improved with better data; and perhaps needs to be improved for mobile users not to feel the noise-to-signal ratio is too high.
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