Amazon to Media Buyers: Don’t Worry Your Pretty Heads | Ancient AOL-Ads-in-Email Settlement Finally Approved | Nigeria-based Group Lands Google, MSFT, Others to Push Cheap Access

October 8, 2013

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  • Amazon is rapidly growing its ad revenues, pushing its highly targeted media comprising an audience in the act of buying a statistically significant percentage of the stuff bought in the U.S. On the other hand, they’re being very opaque about that data, essentially telling the media buyers “Trust us.”
  • A consortium of big-name U.S. corporations (PDF) is forming to push for cheaper internet access in foreign countries, stating a goal of making access available for less than 5 percent of average income. Just how it will go about that is left to ones imagination, but as the organization will be partly based in Nigeria, perhaps it can leverage that country’s many, um, direct marketers.


  • Just as some of its competitors are getting served with new lawsuits dealing with the use of email content for targeting, AOL is finally putting to bed a settlement on a similar suit that has been languishing for years. It will pay low six figures to charities for the settlement, but – and perhaps the controlling factor behind the case – it will pay mid six figures to pay off the plaintiffs attorneys.
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