Ad, Marketing Execs: Creative Work More Demanding Now

November 9, 2007

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Achieving a successful creative career is more complicated than in years past, a new survey suggests: 85% of advertising and marketing executives polled said their profession is more demanding now than it was 10 years ago, according to a poll by The Creative Group.

When asked to describe their greatest professional challenges, almost one in three (32%) cited balancing work and family obligations. Staying current on industry trends and technologies was the second most popular response, provided by 28% of those polled.

Summary of survey results:

  • Advertising and marketing executives were asked, “Do you think a career in advertising or marketing is more or less demanding compared to 10 years ago?” Their responses:
    • Much more demanding 53%
    • Somewhat more demanding 32%
    • Neither more nor less demanding 10%
    • Somewhat less demanding 2%
    • Much less demanding 2%
    • Don’t know 1%
  • Advertising and marketing executives were asked, “What would you say is your greatest career challenge?” Their responses:
    • Balancing work and personal obligations 32%
    • Staying current on industry trends or technologies 28%
    • Keeping motivated/inspired on the job 16%
    • Measuring the success of your team 15%
    • Don’t know/other 9%

“The media environment has become more fragmented, and advertising and marketing executives must be able to use a broader array of tools – from social media to branded entertainment – to reach target audiences,” said Dave Willmer, executive director of The Creative Group. “This is an industry with a constant learning curve, and staying relevant means being adaptable.”

Technology may be contributing to the challenge many face when balancing personal and professional obligations.

 “There’s a greater expectation that people will be accessible around the clock,” Willmer said. “While it’s useful to be able to check in from just about anywhere using cell phones and PDAs, these devices can make it difficult to disconnect and unwind,” he added.

About the study: The survey was developed by The Creative Group and conducted by an independent research firm; it included 250 telephone interviews – 125 with advertising executives with the nation’s 2,000 largest advertising agencies and 125 with senior marketing executives with the nation’s 2,000 largest companies.

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