Study: Agencies’ Size Matters Little to Marketers

August 15, 2007

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There’s a significant disconnect between marketing agencies and their clients’ decision-makers, according to Rainmaker Consulting’s “Intelligent New Business Survey,” which examines how US marketing communications agencies can best engage with prospective clients to win new business.

The poll sought to determine what prompts brand spenders to search for a new agency, the most effective ways for agencies to engage with clients, and the reasons they choose one agency over another.

Among the study’s findings:

  • In general, clients don’t feel that size matters, but agencies tend to believe it does.
  • The majority of clients (83%) don’t feel geographical location is an issue, but many agencies think it is.
  • 85% of clients say agencies don’t prepare enough.
  • Most clients (75%) are seeking to buy actual solutions to business problems – whereas most agencies think the client is looking for advertising, PR, design or some other silo-fit.
  • Clients want agencies to be far more proactive, whereas most agencies like to sit in the bunker.

Examining the reasons for choosing one agency over another, the study (pdf) found that though “chemistry” and “strength of creative work” scored highly, as might be expected, so did “quality customer insights.” Respondents ranked the various factors as follows:

  1. Quality customer insights
  2. Chemistry
  3. Creative work
  4.  Service level / response to needs ongoing
  5. Cost control
  6. Innovative / strategic thinking
  7. Case for ROI
  8. Client list
  9. Strict adherence to brief
  10. Seniority of account team
  11. Location
  12. Size
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