Which Types of Mobile Ads Are Slated for More Spending?

June 29, 2021

AdPerceptions Mobile Ad Spend Optimism June2021Close to 6 in 10 (57% of) Americans listen to podcasts. And, as the number of people who listen to podcasts goes up, so appears to rise the optimism in mobile ad spending for podcasts. Indeed, mobile ad spending on podcasts is slated to rise this year per data [press release] from Advertiser Perceptions, which looked at where mobile advertisers plan to spend more this year.

Advertiser Perceptions devised their optimism score by subtracting the percentage of advertisers who say they plan to decrease ad spend from the percentage of those who plan to increase. For example, 57% of mobile advertisers say they will be increasing ad spend on podcasts in the next 6 months, with 1% saying they will decrease ad spend in this area, resulting in an optimism score of 56%.

Optimism for mobile e-commerce  ad spend is also high (optimism score: 49%), with half of the advertisers surveyed saying they plan to increase ad spend in this area in the next 6 months. About half of the advertisers surveyed also plan to increase their spend on mobile video (49%) and social media (47%) leading these platforms to have an optimism score of 43% and 41%, respectively.

The data shows that optimism is lower for digital audio/radio ads. Only one-third (34%) plan to increase ad spend on this platform in the coming 6 months, while 9% plan to decrease their spending (optimism score: 25%). This is even though more people are streaming audio on their smartphones, and about half are opting for free ad-supported services.

Mobile advertisers are also showing optimism when it comes to ad spend for mobile content types such as games (52%), kids (51%), entertainment (44%) and navigation (44%). Per Advertiser Perceptions, 7 in 10 advertisers say that context is more important now and they are investing more in content environments like those named that have overt context signals.

About the Data: Findings are based on a December survey of 252 advertisers (40% marketer, 60% agency) from Advertiser Perceptions’ proprietary AdPros community.

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