What Kinds of Online Ads Do Early Tech Adopters Say Catch Their Attention?

January 7, 2021

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YouGov Online Ads Appealing to Early Tech Adopters Jan2021Close to one-fifth (18%) of consumers around the world are early adopters of technology – agreeing that they either are actively on the lookout to buy new tech devices and services or are always keen to use new tech products as soon as they enter the market. Recent research from YouGov shows how and where early adopters prefer to see ads for technology products.

The share of consumers who are early adopters in the US (18%) is on par with global figures, although the largest share of US consumers is identified as latecomers (37%). Interestingly, previous research has found that Millennial parents in the US were more likely than average to be early adopters.

By comparison, about half (49%) of tech consumers in India (urban representative sample only) are early adopters, while Vietnam’s share of early adopters is also more than twice that of the global average (42%).

Per the report, early adopters tend to be younger, male, and affluent.

When it comes to engaging with advertising, global consumers overall tend to prefer TV ads. However, early tech adopters show a preference towards online ads (such as through apps, social media, on-demand TV services or email). Indeed, their preference for online ads is noticeably greater than the general population.

Of those early adopters who claim to like online advertising, 47% say that advertising on social networks catches their attention. Online videos also are attention-getters for almost 4 in 10 (37%) early adopters in this group.

Website ads such as banner ads and videos also catch the attention of some 34% of early adopters who like online ads, while a similar percentage say that advertising on streaming or on-demand services (33%) do the same.

It appears that advertising on music streaming services and in apps are less effective at grabbing this niche group’s attention, with only about one-quarter (25% and 22%, respectively) saying these types of ads catches their attention.

The full report, including global findings, can be found here.

About the Data: Findings are based on data from the YouGov Profiles tool using a nationally representative sample from each market.

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