LGBT Consumers Feel Underrepresented in Advertising

June 20, 2017

Advertisers may be missing out on the potential benefits of advertising that better represents the LGBT community, according to YouGov research. The market research firm finds that LGBT consumers are more apt than the public as a whole to respond to advertising by searching for products and services, but also wish they were represented more in ads.

Specifically, two-thirds of the LGBT consumers responding to the survey agreed that they don’t see their lifestyle represented enough in advertising, compared to half of the total adult respondent base. Likewise, more than half (52%) wish they could see more ads with families like their own, versus 39% of the fellow public.

GEICO and Verizon Wireless, among others, would be do well to pay attention: they’re the two brands with the broadest ad awareness among LGBT consumers, per separate YouGov research.

In the US, some 42% of LGBT consumer respondents report searching for products and services on their phones as a result of seeing posters and billboards, which makes them almost a third more likely to do so than the public at-large.

Moreover, roughly one-third agree that they search online for products they see advertised while watching TV, compared to about one-quarter of all US adults.

While TV appears to be a solid medium for marketing to LGBT consumers, advertisers should also consider advertising in streaming video and on LGBT websites and blogs, as these are among the most heavily consumed forms of media by the LGBT community.

About the Data: The results are based on an ongoing survey using YouGov Profiles. The data, collected in early June, had roughly 3,000 LGBT respondents and 50,000 total adult respondents.

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