Local Media Planners Say Measuring Campaign Attribution of Advanced TV Isn’t That Easy

October 29, 2019

Audience targeted premium video ad views in the US have grown substantially over the past year. This growth has not been lost on local media buyers, who say the top benefit of data-driven, audience targeted TV advertising is that it delivers hard to reach audiences, per a survey [download page] by FreeWheel of 430 Strata platform users, most of whom specialize in local media planning and buying.

While the vast majority (87%) of respondents say their clients are interested in advertising on local TV and cable, about 4 in 5 (79%) say their clients are also interested in advertising on advanced TV (For the purposes of the survey, this includes: STB VOD, OTT, addressable TV, advanced linear and streaming FEPs).

Perhaps as proof of local advertisers’ commitment to advanced TV, 78% say that they expect their spending to increase for advanced TV in the next 12-months, while only 14% say they expect an increase for local TV and cable. This is in line with findings from Kantar, which show more than half of global advertisers expecting to see an increase in spending for advanced TV, while less than one-fifth expect the same for traditional TV advertising.

Advanced TV is not the only media type expected to see an increase in budget in the next year. Respondents also predict an increase in spend for digital video (65%), mobile (50%) and digital display (43%).

When it comes to measuring campaign attribution, most respondents say that it is either easy or extremely easy to measure digital display (74%), mobile (73%) and digital video (69%). However, relatively fewer (53%) say they find it easy to measure campaign attribution for advanced TV. In fact, respondents were as likely to say it’s easy to measure campaign attribution on local TV and cable as it is on advanced TV. So while there’s plenty of enthusiasm around advanced TV, there’s still some work to be done.

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Results are based on an online survey of 430 Strata platform users who specialize in local or regional media planning and buying.

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