What Factors Drive Attention to Smartphone Ads?

January 29, 2019

Factors such as brand familiarity and interesting creative are equally motivating for individuals to pay attention to advertisements on their smartphones, according to a recent Aki Technologies survey of 1000 US adult consumers. Not too surprisingly, though, these factors are less effective when consumers are on the go.

When asked what, in general, motivated them to pay attention to an advertisement on their smartphone, the two key drivers were brand familiarity (54%) and interesting creative (52%). Good timing and brand coupons were slightly less popular factors with consumers, each being cited by 41% of survey respondents.

Once consumers are out and about, all the factors become less effective. Only 38% of consumers said that brand familiarity was enough to pay attention to a mobile ad. The other factors dropped in effectiveness as well. Interesting creative motivates 38% and good timing 34%, while only 30% said they’d be motivated to pay attention to a brand coupon while on the go.

With mobile now taking up a large portion of online advertising spend in the US, being able to determine those moments when consumers are most receptive is critical. It turns out that, on average, consumers are most receptive while at home watching TV, potentially reflecting the continued prominence of multi-tasking. This is especially true of millennials (ages 22-38) who are 7% points more likely than average to be receptive to smartphone ads when watching TV.

For those who have a habit of laying in bed and looking at their smartphone before going to sleep, it will come as no surprise that roughly half of US consumers report being receptive while in bed. The younger generations are, again, very receptive at this time, with Gen Z smartphone users (ages 18-23) being a full 22% points more receptive than average, and millennials being 12% points more receptive than average before going to sleep. Conversely, Boomers were 11% points less than average to be most receptive at bedtime.

About the Data: Aki Technologies surveyed 1000 US consumers – age 18+ to understand when they are most receptive to mobile advertising.

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